Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ups and Downs Today

Today was full of ups and downs for us. Our first "down" was when we heard a blood-curdling shriek come from Amelia's room. I don't think we have ever gotten up faster! She was in her bed screaming and thrashing about, in her sleep. I was shaking, so Jason picked her up and she eventually opened her eyes, looked at us both and started smiling. Do babies have nightmares? I looked online and people say no, they don't, because they don't know "fear". I think I disagree with this. Something was not right with her at all this morning. Maybe it was a "falling" dream (we've all had those)? You don't need to have been faced with fear to know something is not right when falling in your sleep, right?

Once we were all up for the day, we were able to grab some lunch, hit the grocery store, stop by the Target pharmacy and run to Wal-Mart. A very big "up" for us, getting all of that done before Jason worked at 2 (especially since we didn't all get up til after ten)!

This evening, Amelia and I met my friend Brittany and the three of us went to Honeypie (Jason's new work) for a "dry run" of the restaurant, before they open next weekend. It was good and it was great to finally meet up with Brittany (we have both been sick and busy, so I hadn't seen her in forever!). While we were there, a huge thunderstorm hits. Amelia and I had walked there... Brittany drove us home (I held Amelia's carseat, not the safest move, but it was POURING.), but I had left the stroller with Jason and he put it in his car right away and went back to working. My house keys were in the stroller...oops. At this point it was raining so hard Britt and I could not even hear each other talking so I told her to head to my house. I had left the upstairs door unlocked and I hoped our downstairs neighbors would be home to let me into the stairwell, and therefore into my house. They were! Everything ended well. Amelia is finally asleep now, the thunder kept waking her up for a while.

Amelia has been getting cramped in her carseat with the infant insert in it. Her neck is not quite strong enough to not have it though, it twists too much and I am not comfortable with how she looks, and I can't imagine it is comfortable for her! I remembered the other day that my grandma had given us these things, designed to look like animals, that fit over the harness. I decided to see if those would allow her enough support on her neck, and they did! She has been fussing when we tighten her straps lately but when I tightened them tonight, with the covers, she was grinning ear to ear!

Before bed I also got some more great pictures of her:

Here is a picture from last night, before Jason and Amelia went to Honeypie for their free trial dinner, while I was at work:

It almost seems like they have the same "look" on their faces...

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