Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Bumbo

This afternoon we decided to go to Target and get Amelia her first chair, a Baby Bumbo. We have been talking about getting her one for a couple of weeks now and decided that we should just do it. They are designed to help a baby sit upright before they can do so on their own. She has been doing really well at holding her neck up on her own for longer periods of time lately, which is necessary for her to use the chair. When we got home I put her in it and she generally seemed happy. She did really well. I was so focused on taking a cell phone picture of it that I forgot to take one on a regular camera. We walked Jason to work and when we got home I tried again with the chair and she was just not having it.

She has been pretty crabby today. She got to bed much later than normal last night and got up much ealier than she normally does today. Since she is not fond of napping, by 6 I had a little girl with major crabby pants on. Here are some pictures of her in her chair, sadly none of them include a smile (yet) since I didn't take the camera out today until she was crabby!

Since she was freaking out (as seen 2 pictures up) I stood up and talked to her, looking down at her face. She calmed down a bit then, but not for long :(

In other news, she seems to want to roll over. This morning she did some tummytime off and on and then once we flipped her to her back so we could get ready to go we noticed her doing this:

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the misses of the blisses said...

I loved using the baby Bumbo! It was a lot of fun and its so great to help babies learn to sit. :)