Saturday, May 30, 2009


Amelia has discovered her feet this week! She likes to hold them from time to time, usually during a diaper change, which makes things a little harder on Mommy and Daddy. We manage and it is nice to see that she is continuing to learn more every day.

This afternoon, Amelia and I went on a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. We ran into a family near the marina and the little boy proudly showed me the bat that he found in the bushes. I took a few pictures of it, here is one:

We were gone on our walk for a little over an hour. We walked past Honeypie and went around back, hoping Jason was outside for something so we could say hello, but he wasn't and since there is no cell reception in Honeypie for some reason, we continued on our way.

Today was a pretty typical day for us. We hung out at home. Tonight was bath night:

We didn't do much in the way of chores though, so now, once Amelia sleeps (she is exhausted and screaming in her bed right now, I am giving her a few minutes, sometimes she puts herself to sleep) I am going to get started on some things!

I take pictures of Amelia nearly every day during tummytime, here is one from today:

Time to go see what Amelia wants/needs, she is not calming down tonight :( Poor baby is so tired and fighting it :(

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