Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Well, I have decided to run in a marathon this fall. The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon on October 4th. My cousin Marcie and her brother Matt are doing it and she asked me if I would be interested in doing it. At first I thought, no way, that is 26 miles of pure exhaustion! Last night I decided to do it though. It will be good for me and it will also give me the motivation to get the rest of this baby weight off! If you are interested in anything regarding the race, you can click here and be brought to the official homepage.

In order to prepare for this we decided to buy a jogging stroller so that I can have the freedom to run whenever I want and not have to plan it around when Jason will be home to watch Amelia. I looked online for what felt like hours last night and also asked my friend Laura about her jogging stroller. In the end, we decided to go with the one that she has, despite it being a bit pricey in comparison to some of the others. As we read countless places, when it comes to a jogging stroller, you get what you pay for (true about so many things). The cool thing about this stroller in particular is that it can also adapt to your growing family in that you can buy a kit and turn it into a double stroller (vs spending money on a single now and double later, when there is another child in the family). This versatility is one of the things that sold us on it. It also had great reviews and overall just seemed like the smart way to go. Plus, we got a pretty good deal on it using a 20% off coupon for REI and saving on shipping costs and having it shipped right to the REI in Brookfield, where we will pick it up.

We decided on the Phil & Ted's Sport Buggy, in green:

Jason has even expressed some interest in running with me as I get ready for the marathon. He says now that he is smoke-free he'd like to try out the lungs and get some exercise! We will see how long that lasts...hopefully long wnough for it to be a routine for him!

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