Thursday, May 07, 2009

Doctor Today

Well, here I am up at almost 4 in the morning. I have been feeling pretty sick since yesterday (Wednesday) morning and it woke me up tonight. I really hope that I feel better SOON. Jason had to leave work a little early yesterday to come home because I was feeling so terrible I could barely take care of Amelia on my own. I always have good hand washing technique etc, I try and avoid stuff like this, but I know Tuesday night I was pretty guilty of not washing my hands enough for how many people I interacted with :( We had a Star Trek promo at work that night and it was BUSY. Free movies like that usually are busy! It made it really hard to wash your hands when you had 2 lines, with 20+ people each, waiting for you to get them snacks. Ugh.

Amelia has a doctor appointment this morning and I am hoping that we hear some good news, like her weight being way up! We are pretty sure that she is heavier, we know she is longer for sure (some of her clothes are getting pretty sung in the feet area).

I will do my best to update on her weight and length later today! (no promises, I might just want to crawl into bed)

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