Monday, May 11, 2009

Off to Work

We were at Target the other day, wandering while we waited for Amelia's prescriptions (creme for eczema and Vitamin D drops since she is still eating mostly breastmilk, which tends to lack Vitamin D. Once she is on at least half formula and half breastmilk we will no longer need to use these drops) and we came across something we could not pass up. As some of you know, we are the people who dress up their cats...yes, those people. We saw a little tie for a cat for only a couple of dollars and decided to get it. We thought it would look awesome on the little fatty known as Lucky. It does look great and now we joke with him that he looks like he is headed to work/just getting home from the office!

We eventually hope to get 2 more so we can dress all the little monsters up in them (Target only had the one left the other day). Sometimes I wonder about us...

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