Thursday, May 05, 2011


With another warm afternoon today we spent more time outside! Amelia had her first experience blowing bubbles. She was so hysterical blowing bubbles!

She never quit with the sound effects. It was pretty fun watching her! We might have to keep the bubbles hidden from now on. She already found another bottle and demanded to blow bubbles (inside) so they are conveniently "lost" until we are outside again!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Walking to Cure MS

This morning our family participated in the local MS Walk. Jason's sister has MS and organized a team which her employer sponsored. We raised over $2,000 as a team towards curing MS! It was in the mid-thirties this morning so most of us opted for the one mile course over the 3.5 mile course. Afterwards there was Jimmy John's in the middle school cafeteria and then we all went to Season's Tavern (our sponsor) for more food! Here are some pictures:

Amelia and Auntie Liz:

Myra, Marie, Liz, Me and Lisa: