Friday, July 30, 2010

Tractor and a New Chair

Amelia still loves to sit on the lawn mower. When she sees it she runs to it and basically hugs it.

My parents got Amelia her very own little chair for at their house! It is a folding camping chair that is a purple hippo. Amelia loves it and just sits in it looking around.

This week has been soooo long because I worked Sun-Fri and getting up at 3 AM for six days in a row can really wear a person down! I have the weekend off and tomorrow Jason and I are going to see a Twins game (with my parents) for the first time in the new stadium. I know Jason is pretty excited!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quarter of a Century

Today was my 25th birthday. I am now a quarter of a century old! I worked bright and early this morning at 4 so it has been a long day for sure!

I had lunch at Shanghai Bistro with Jason, Liz, Marie and Jordan since I had a free entree coupon for my birthday. Liz works there and signed me up! The coupon is good for up to $20 and our server told us to not waste the free money on a $4 lunch and he ordered us a huge appetizer platter!

What a great idea he had! There was so much food on here and it was all so good! We also had a cake there because Marie was nice enough to make one for us all to enjoy!

We spent the afternoon at grandpa's house and this evening Amelia and I went to dinner at Boca Chica with my family. It was tasty, as usual. After that we went for ice cream at Izzy's where they have Amelia-sized cones! Kim also made a Milky Way cake for us.

My family had some nice things for me including a GPS since I get lost so easily and some new jammies!

Amelia was more interested in the wrapping materials and her Mardi Gras beads than anything :)

I think we all had a pretty good night and I am now officially another year older.

First Fever

Amelia has finally gotten sick! Sunday afternoon I knew something was wrong when she didn't want to swim. She floated for a little and then got out and wandered on the deck. As soon as I saw this...

I knew something was not right!

We came inside and washed up and she still was just not herself so I took her temperature and it was 102.4! Since I have never had to take care of a sick baby before we went to my parent's house for a bit and Amelia got some rest in the chair:

Once we got home we rested some more. Amelia had the whole queen bed to herself!

What a little peanut! By 8 in the evening her temp was up to 103.8 so I started to worry. My mom and dad came over to sit with me because I was all alone and sort of freaking out. My mom was happy that Amelia wanted to snuggle for once.

Sunday night was a long night for us with Amelia. She wanted to be held constantly and would only sleep for about 40 minutes at a time on her own.

Eventually Jason had to take over full duties with Amelia since I worked at 4 AM Monday! Long story short - by Monday when the clinic opened Amelia's temp was down to normal and we didn't need to take her in. Such a blessing since we are between insurance right now! Most of all we are just happy that Amelia is back to her old self again!

Peterson Family Reunion - 2010

Last Saturday was the bi-annual family reunion on Jason's mom's side. This year it was held at Grandpa's house (where we are currently living). It was a perfect day - not too hot, not too cold and since the yard is shaded by giant elm trees it never got too warm! I took a lot of pictures so I will just share some of my favorites:

I was so busy chasing Amelia around that we never really got any pictures of anyone but Amelia! It was a long day for us but everyone seemed to have a good time!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Girl

I don't have a lot to say other than we have one happy, happy little girl.

She has an endless supply of energy which drains me of mine and tonight I don't have a thought in my head to share! I guess that is what happens when you work early in the morning and miss your afternoon nap because your little squirt decided her nap was over the minute you got home from work!

We have a big day tomorrow and we need some rest now!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My mom and sister spend almost every Wednesday together running errands and doing the occasional fun thing and they call if "BFF Day." Amelia and I joined them today for "BFF Day". We went to lunch with a friend of my mom's. After that we were right by a Once Upon a Child so we went and looked around in there. Amelia even did a little browsing:

Amelia got a few new things for this winter and this awesome toy storage center!

I have been eyeing them up at Target but haven't been a fan of the price tag (even with my discount!) and then we saw this one there and it was selling for under half price of a new one so I got it!

We made a few more stops and then it was time for a swim. Even Nana swam!

It was nice to cool off since it was so hot out this afternoon. When we were done, Amelia helped pick up by piling all of the noodles in one corner.

It was pretty funny.

After dinner out we finished our errands and are now hanging around the house. I am pretty beat and ready to head back to grandpa's for the night pretty soon. Amelia is all wound up and running all over the house right now so hopefully she is burning off all her extra energy because when we get home it is bedtime!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Picnic Day

Yesterday was the annual family picnic in Baldwin for Jason's Grandpa Rude's side of the family. They meet the same weekend each year and do a potluck lunch. There were lots and lots of different cold pasta salads and many desserts. It was soooo hot out but we had a good time.

I didn't really get a chance to take any pictures because we were so busy trying to keep Amelia from running into the parking lot. Before we left I did manage to get one of Jason and his Grandma Rude with Amelia:

It was nice that we are home now and were able to go this year. We hope to go each year now that we are back in the area.

Amelia was full of energy last night and got into the cupboard and found an open box of Girl Scout cookies and helped herself. She abandoned the box when we caught her and took off with a cookie in each hand:

What a little piggy!

Lastly, when it was time for bed Lucky was waiting for Amelia in her pack 'n' play. He loves that baby so much it just tickles us! How cute are they together:

He is so great with her and each day he just gets sweeter and sweeter with her. He is such a good cat :) I went in to check on her a little later once Lucky had left and this is what I found:

She sure knows how to relax after a long day!

One more random thing to share - we found another thing Amelia is afraid air balloons!

This one came up over my parent's house tonight (they live a block away from a launch site) and Amelia freaked out whenever they blew more hot air and started running for the door into the house. That girl is afraid of the weirdest things!

We have a busy week ahead of us as the Peterson family reunion is next weekend and there is still a lot to do around grandpa's house before then. Like I said last post, while I am enjoying all of our activities this month I also can't wait for the month to be over so we can slow down a little and relax!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life at Full Speed

Now that I am working again our days are so busy! This week has been packed with full days for us. I wasn't sure I would like getting up at 3 AM for work but it has been working out pretty great so long as I nap when Amelia does that is. Today is actually a trial for me to see how I do with no nap and I am pretty beat but the hope is that I will be ready for bed earlier than 11 or 12 PM.

What have we been up to. Well, more like what haven't we been up to! I haven't been very good at taking pictures this week but Amelia had a swimming and raspberry picking playdate with her friend Maddie, we spent time outside naked (her, not me) to air out her bottom to heal a pretty severe rash, played with puppies, tried out PB & J for the first time,

she took an inaugural ride in the wagon found in grandpa's garage when it was cleaned out this weekend,

she marvelled at bubbles,

she wore an insane amount of Mardi Gras beads around,

we spent time hanging at the park,

she made some funny faces,

she did a little whining here and there,

but mostly we have just been busy doing anything and everything!

I am excited for work next week because the work I will be doing means I get to sleep in a little...until 5 AM, woohoo! The rest of July is looking pretty busy for us with 2 family reunions on Jason's side, my birthday, our first trip to Target Field to see Jason's Twins and more. Yep, this has been one busy, busy month. Hopefully August slows down a little.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Miss Independent

Amelia has always been a very independent child and does very well playing alone. In fact, sometimes she prefers to play alone. One thing she can't do is swim on her own but she isn't aware of that fact yet! First she threw all the noodles into the pool:

We all watched her doing it saying how cute she was. Well next thing we knew she had turned herself around and was backing into the pool!

She isn't afraid of the water, that is for sure! She is quite the little fish. Now if she would just learn to wear her lifejacket I would feel a little better. She just hates it this year. It is an infant lifejacket but she is within the weight limits so we thought we could use it one more year. She screams and screams when she has to wear it. Today I tried to make her tough it out but after at least 5 minutes she was still freaking out. I tried letting her walk in it (she refused to), I put her into the pool with it and I even bounced her up and down in it. She just wasn't having it.

I might try and find her a toddler lifejacket on clearance (it is that time of year already) and try that out. She is approaching the weight cut-off for her current lifejacket and she is so tall, who knows - it might actually be hurting her? This is one time I really wish she could just tell me what is wrong!