Thursday, May 07, 2009

Good News!

Amelia is continuing to gain weight and grow! She is now 23.25 inches long and 11 lb, 6 oz. As the doctor said, she is a tall and skinny girl :)
She had to get some more shots today and was NOT happy about that at all. When the nurse came in, Amelia was having a bottle so they started out with the oral vaccine for rotovirus. We ended up having to try and trick her into it because she kept turning her head with her mouth open so the yucky medicine would ooze out. I'd give her the bottle, pull it out and the nurse would squirt some vaccine in and this was repeated until she had ingested the whole vaccine. Her shots were awful. She was screaming and all around not a happy baby, until we gave her her bottle back, then all was fine in the world.

A picture of one of her cool yellow bandaids she got after her shots!

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