Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Years Old

Friday Amelia turned two years old! She got a few presents from my family on her actual birthday including this new princess kitchen:

We had dinner out with my family at Boca Chica and dessert at Izzy's in St. Paul.

Saturday we had a little birthday party for Amelia at my parent's house and my family and Jason's family came. Both days I had Amelia dressed up in the same birthday dress she wore last year. It was a tad short so I threw some leggings on under it and it was pretty cute!

I was pretty impressed I got two years of use out of the dress since it is size 18-month!

Amelia was so funny opening her presents. She would just empty the bags but throwing everything over her shoulder:

Auntie Lisa (one of my best friends) started to fold tissue paper and after that Amelia brought her every single piece and helped her smooth it out so she could fold it. Kids pick up on every little thing!

Auntie Kimmie got Amelia her first trike and We took turns pushing and pulling her around on it and when I stopped to get her picture on it she made sure I knew she did not like that I stopped pulling her:

She can be so demanding sometimes. We definately are entering the "terrible twos."

Amelia had a big cake and cupcakes. She tried so hard to blow out her candle on her cupcake:

We had to give her a little help. After all the work blowing out the candle she didn't even want to eat it! She picked sprinkles off and that was about it!

Amelia got a lot of great stuff for her birthday including new clothes for this spring/summer that we are anxious to wear! Auntie Liz got her a little suitcase which was perfect to bring home all her new clothes in.

That's really all the pictures I have to share. I didn't get any of her with family members because after presents and lunch she dragged her Nana to her bed and pretty much asked for a nap. So, the guest of honor slept through the last half of her party which meant no pictures really!

Lisa, Kim and I went bowling with Amelia in the evening. We thought we could get Amelia in on the bowling but she pretty much just liked walking out to the lane and then back. We'll take her again and hopefully she'll be more interested in it since it won't be a totally new envoronment for her. That means we'll have go sometime soon!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Online Again!

I haven't been online in nearly two weeks. Wow! We don't have Internet at Grandpa's and I just haven't been able to get on at my parent's house except for banking and bill pay.

We haven't been up to much. We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday with dinner out and cake at home. I tried to get a picture of his cake with all the candles but he blew it out before I got a chance:

That's what it looks like after sixty candles are blown out.

Amelia wore a wild outfit for grandpa's birthday:

Look at those pigtails!

We've been playing around the house a lot. Amelia uses this little stool as a goofy chair all the time:

We have been having a bit of a heat wave (thirties and even forties!) so I took Amelia outside to play yesterday. She thought it was the best!

I haven't taken her out much this winter with the weather we have had the past few months. It was just too cold for her!


Last week we said goodbye to our friend, Molly.

The night before I went to Wendy's and got the ol' girl a special dinner...a bacon cheeseburger and some fries. She gobbled it up in no time!

Sometimes when I ask Amelia where her dog is (I actually asking about her Slinky dog from Toy Story) she runs around but other than that she has no idea - for that I am thankful. She loved that dog!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

For the Love of Cats

Last Saturday we took Amelia to the 'Saintly City Cat Show' which is part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Amelia LOVES cats and this was pretty much the coolest thing to her.

She ran from cat to cat and got really upset when she had to leave each cat.

She had two favorites and their owner was very patient with Amelia each time we stopped to see her cats.

As you can see she even opened their cages so Amelia could pet them but she was way more interested in opening and closing their cage doors than anything.

Since we were nearby we stopped in Rice Park to see some of this year's ice sculptures.

This year is the 125th St. Paul Winter Carnival and I liked this sculpture because it has each of the century logos for the event carved.

Mom and I:

Afterwards we had a cozy dinner at Mama's Pizza. By cozy I mean we fit all 5 of us into a little booth that would comfortably hold 3 or 4 people. It was interesting...

Nana and Grandpa had the pleasure of sitting with Amelia...who insisted on eating off of Grandpa's plate instead of her own (even though they had the same thing) and she was close enough to reach on over and help herself!