Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Child Speaks!

Amelia has been "talking" for some time now. She "says" things like "mama" and "dada" but never connects either to Jason or I. She "says" stuff all day long but mostly it is just jibberish. Now she says car and knows what a car is. Today all she has done is point to cars and say car. When we drive all I hear is car and I see a little finger pointing out the window.

Car is officially Amelia's first, true word.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Girl Backpack

We got Amelia a little backpack to replace her diaper bag for times we will only be gone a short time. I just got tired of carrying her huge diaper bag and hardly using what was all in it! Problem solved...

The best part? She carrys it herself sometimes!

Jason and I debated on which backpack to buy. We finally decided on the pink, Disney princesses one:

Hopefully we get a lot of use out of this little backpack with her!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nana's Laundry Helper

Amelia likes to help my mom with laundry when we are over.

I'm not sure she is usually that huge of a help but they eventually get the laundry done!

Once they get a load in Amelia "chills" on the rest of the dirty laundry. Waiting for it to be time to put in some more clothes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

State Fair 2010 - Trip 1

Yesterday was the start of the "great Minnesota get-together"...also known as the MN State Fair...also known as the best time of year ;)

My parents, Jason and I went bright and early to enjoy the first day of the fair. We got there at 7 AM, before anything opened and it was so nice to be able to park nearby on the street, for free!

We like to get there early when the animal barns and the grandstand (shopping for mostly things you don't need!) are not as busy and you can get in and out in a timely fashion. It really works out great. Since we were there so early Amelia even got to walk a sheep. Yes, you read that right. She walked a sheep. In fact, she ran up to the sheep owner and ripped the leash out of his hand. Luckily, he was kind and said she could walk "Fannie" - so she did!

It was so cute! We saw lots of animals and Amelia loved every bit of it! In fact, by the time we were done in the animal barns she crashed and took a two hour nap while we walked through the grandstand! I think she slept so long because we reclined the stroller seat all the way back flat.

Amelia loved the John Deere tractors! She loves tractors much to her Nana's dismay. We let her sit on a few and she was so serious about "driving" them that she would not even look up for a picture!

It is true what they say up here - you can put anything on a stick! Check out this Texas steak dinner on a stick my mom and I shared:

It was actually very tasty! It just happened to be there when we were both getting hungry and needed something with some substance so we gave it a shot and it was great! Amelia took a second nap in the afternoon (score!) and for that one she fell asleep upright even.

In the agriculture building I got an apple cider freeze and it was so delicious! It made me crave fall even more - if that was possible. I got another one for Amelia after her nap since we are pretty convinced she is teething right now.

You could not take that thing away from her, she loved it that much!

My mom got a new rolling cart and Amelia was pretty insistent on "helping" her wheel it around...


Those were pretty much the highlights of our day at the fair so here are a few more pictures to share:

My mom, sister, Amelia and I are headed back to the fair on Wednesday for some more food and fun!

*If you noticed Amelia in several outfits, you should know we went through three sets of clothes! I was amazed.

Friday Fails - Diapers and Cards

I have had several "fails" this past week. As usual. Here are a few to share!

We are usually pretty good about emptying out Amelia's diaper pail when it gets full. Sometimes (usually) a few diapers that don't fit sit out and remind us to change the bag. Over the weekend that did not happen. Instead, we used an empty diaper box as a makeshift diaper pail:

I am actually pretty grossed out reflecting on this! The smell? Yeah. I can't even believe we let it go that long. Gross! I got it all cleaned up and got the diaper/wipe corner all organized.

Things have been great since!

My second "fail" to share is about buying cards. Specifically, wedding cards. As you saw in my last post, Jason and I attended a wedding last weekend. I got the gift a few weeks in advance and let it sit in a bag until the day of the wedding. On a trip to Target about a week before the wedding I got a card since I realized I'd be wrapping the gift soon.

The day of the wedding I sent Jason into Target for wrapping supplies and he came out all proud and told me, "I even got a card!" I told him I had got one too and we decided one extra was ok to have around. We got to my mom's house to drop Amelia off and wrap and in the bag with the gift was another card. Yep, I got one the day I bought the gift. I was more on top of it than I usually am apparently!

So, in all we bought three cards for one wedding. Definately a FAIL!

For more "fails" visit myblessedlife.net!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Birthday, a Wedding and More

We have had a pretty full weekend! Yesterday was Jason's 27th birthday and we had a wedding to go to in the afternoon (my friend from Buffalo Wild Wings, Molly) - but not before we slept in...thank you, Amelia! The wedding we went to was at the historic courthouse in Stillwater and it was so beautiful!

Molly and Nate's girls were their flower girls!

The ceiling in the banquet hall was so, so pretty!

After the wedding, Jason and I went for a walk in downtown Stillwater since it had cooled down.

After that we went home and went to bed early!

Today we all had lunch together for Jason's birthday and gave hime his gifts. We all chipped in and got him a new iPod! Amelia enjoyed the ribbons from the wrapping!

She actually put this on her own head!

After lunch my mom, sister and I went and got mani/pedis. It was my first and I think it turned out pretty nice:

This evening we have been playing some Wii bowling and sitting around. Everyone is pretty tired after this weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Fails - Diaper Bag Fail v. 3

I have yet another diaper bag fail. You would think I would learn from my preivous diaper bag mistakes but apparently I don't!

This evening I ran to Target and decided not to bring the diaper bag since we wouldn't be gone too long and Amelia had just had a diaper change. Hhmmm. Not such a great idea in retrospect. I ended up meeting my mom and dad for dinner with no diaper bag which meant no baby supplies!

I picked up some more diapers while at Target and already had a case of wipes in the trunk that I got on clearance a few days ago. I was able to change her wet diaper before dinner thanks to my Saturn and it's passenger seat that folds down flat and is hard on the backside! I also have a quad-coupe, so the doors open opposite each other making on wide opening. Like this:

Amelia didn't seem to mind and she was much more calm during this "Saturn" diaper change than she is at home! Maybe we need to make her a changing table out of an old Saturn since she loves her red car so much. Then again, maybe not.

For more "fails", visit myblessedlife.net!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ghost Baby!!!

Amelia is ready for Halloween I think...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ikea Adventure

Over the weekend my mom, sister and I went to Ikea! I don't think any of us were looking for anything in particular but it was funny they called because I had just looked at the Ikea catalog the previous day!

Amelia had.a.blast. We let her loose in the kid's toy section and my goodness, she was all over the place! She carried around two display abacus' and there was a third out as well.

Whenever she would see someone using it she would run over and try and take it from them. Clearly we still have some work to do on that whole sharing thing.

They also had a child's "Poang" chair which I loved!

She wouldn't sit still for a picture and this was the best I could get! I think she might getting one of these for Christmas. I have a regular "Poang" chair in the same color as this one. How cute would it be for us to have matching chairs?!

Amelia also got a few other things and is enjoying them! Her abacus is still a hit,

Her moose babies (tiny little, orange moose stuffed toys) still get carted around in the toy pet carrier,

and she still hasn't figured out how to get off of her green stool on her own yet...


Looking at all that home stuff coupled with working at Target makes me even more hopeful that one day soon we will have our own space to decorate and enjoy! Until then, it is (usually) fun to look around and get ideas!