Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Adventures in Baby Food: Mixed Veggies

Today I experimented with using frozen vegetables to make Amelia's food. I used chopped spinach, carrots, peas and the remainder of a bag of mixed veggies we had:

First I boiled a big pot of water. I added the veggies in the boiling water and waited for it to return to a boil:

Once everything was done cooking I pureed the mixture and ended up with this:

Look tasty? I am not sure how Amelia will take to it because the texture of it is different than she is used to. It is lumpier. We'll see what she thinks of it tomorrow I guess! It is a healthy mixture though!

The verdict on frozen veggies is: I liked them! The only thing I would do differently is use whole leaf spinach instead of chopped. It was a pain to try and get all the chopped spinach out of the water. I save the water to use to thin the puree so that any of the nutrients that I boiled out of the food will make it back in partially, therefore, straining is not an option.

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the misses of the blisses said...

I LOVE Frozen vegetables. They are so much easier to use and for me a lot easier to find and keep longer than fresh vegetables. I still use my food processor a little to mix in some chopped vegetables with things like Lasagna and Spaghetti. I usually just steam frozen vegetables and he enjoys them. He loves the mixed vegetables although he sometimes likes to pick out certain vegetables. He goes in and out of stages of which vegetables he prefers or eats first. I cant believe how big Amelia is getting! See you guys in a few weeks!