Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Plugging Away

Yep, I am still working at that one paper. The paper that sits between me and a diploma. It is closing in on 1 a.m. as I type this. This is where I am:

That is where I have been since just after 2 p.m. this afternoon. I took a short break to have dinner and play with Amelia before her bedtime. Otherwise, I have been sitting in the kitchen, working. Ludo has joined me:

He is curled up in the blanket that I have been using the keep my feet warm. Now I just have them pressed next to him!

My brain is fried. Nearly ten hours of schoolwork today? Yep. I do have 5 very rough and scattered pages of my paper to show for it, so that is a plus. I am meeting with my professor tomorrow at 2 to look it over. I have some specific questions for her regarding citations and that sort of boring stuff but I mainly want to know if I am writing the type of paper I am supposed to be writing! I felt the "instructions" for it were a little vague and I think that aided in my hesitation to start writing the thing. Mostly, I think I am afraid of not passing this class and as a result not actually graduating so my mind is consumed with worry, which makes this all the more difficult.

My dad is here. He worked some things out with work and is here to help out because Jason hasn't been getting around too well (his ankle is getting better, he went to work today...but it was slow as molasses, so it didn't put too much stress on his ankle anyways) and because I need a hand right now! I think Amelia is glad he is here:

What do you think?

btw, Amelia is concerned:

She is wondering where all this snow they have been talking about is! People are all jazzed about a snow day...but there is no snow! There is snow in the rest of WI but not here. There were two scenarios for us, here in Milwaukee -> 1: 12-14 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow and 2: a mix of snow and rain. We got the latter. Sorry Amelia, no snow for you. Even if you are wearing your snowflake pajamas :)

I am off to bed. First, I need to get Jason up though:

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