Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Honors Ceremony

Last night my family and I attended the senior honors convocation at UWM. Myself, and around 200 others, recieved gold cords to wear at commencement in honor of our consistently high GPAs. I don't have a lot of good pictures (there were 3 cameras and no one ever seemed to understand which one to look at...) but here are a few that turned out ok (from my camera):

(sorry Dad, none of the pictures with you on my camera turned out, I'll have to check mom and kim's cameras)

My big paper is due tomorrow, at 4, and I plan on giving it another look now that I finally recieved some feedback from the professor (took long enough!). I am anxious to put college behind me :) I do have to work tonight and I have spent the day getting the house back in order from having guests (I still have to get into the kitchen...) so I plan on looking it over after work. I hope I have enough energy to do it!

Amelia is doing great, as usual. Today she has really been interested in water bottles:

I also liked this picture from the weekend:

I really like monster stuff (and dinosaur stuff...) but it is usually all for boys! Not these pajamas though!

Doesn't she look so big here:

She's going to be walking soon! She LOVES to stand!!!

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