Friday, December 11, 2009


I am not sure if I feel relief. My paper is "done". I am fed up with it. I have spent over 100 hours on it, at least. I am hitting the wall. Whenever I try and "dig deeper" or find more information I am met with the same stuff. I just feel like there isn't much more I can do at this point. I wrote up a bibliography just now and tomorrow I will get my figures (pictures) in order and then I am dropping it off on my way to work. I e-mailed the professor and told her where I am at and that I would like it if she could look it over this weekend and let me know what she thinks and where she thinks it could improve. I just want to pass the class, you know? That'd be nice. That would mean I would get the diploma.

This afternoon we went to the art museum for the current exhibition: Andy Warhol: The Late Years. We didn't look around at the permanent collections too much but we did make sure to get Amelia's picture with the Brillo box:

She has a picture with this from every visit of hers to the museum. I got a little worried when we headed for it because it was gone! Then we realized that they now have an entire room dedicated to Andy Warhol:

I am not sure if this is a permanent thing or if it is just for the time that the exhibition is open. We'll see.

Here's Grandpa showing Amelia how her hat looks on him:

We also tried to get a nice family picture, for Christmas cards, while we were there but that didn't work out too well. Oh well. I made a little "photo studio" at home and got some ok pictures of Amelia, including this one:

What'd ya think? Is it a keeper? I think so!

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