Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pick Up Your Room!

This morning Jason and I were a little out of it. He isn't feeling well and I am just, well, exhausted (more mentally than physically). As I went in and out of consciousness this morning I knew Amelia was awake and that she had gotten a bottle. Next, I realized that she was awake and playing in her room. I assumed she was in her bed...nope! Jason let her play in her room like a big girl this morning and this is what we found:

When I first opened the door she seemed a bit upset with me. Probably because she had been locked away for an hour or so...

What seemed like a good idea at the time proved to be not the greatest. I had just cleaned up her room last night and now I get to do it again tonight. One day I will be able to tell her to pick up her own room!

School has been winding down, fast. I dropped off my paper today, returned my library books (for the first and last time) and sold back my books from my last required science class, about caves. I got a whopping $2 back for them. I figured I wouldn't get much since they weren't that much to begin with but I have no use for them, so I took the $2. I didn't even use them for the class, why would I use them in the future?! I only have one class to wrap up. I have a paper due tomorrow and the last test on Tuesday (yes, 2 days before Christmas Eve) and then I am DONE. I am not sure when I will write the last paper...there is a movie (An Education) at work that I would like to catch before it ends tomorrow. It is feeling good to be finishing college, just in time for the holidays.

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Marcie said...

Lacquer Coffin Decoration? A little morbid, doncha think? Maybe you should have covered something lighter for your final exit from school.