Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday (for lack of a better title!)

Today we headed into the 'burbs to Children's Orchard, a used children's store. We heard about it from someone in another used children's store here in Bay View and then I heard about it again from a friend, Emili. Em said if we went this month and returned her referral form, she would get $20 store we went! There was a lot to look at! Clothes racks were jammed in there like none other. We didn't get much in the way of clothes, just a pair of 18 month jeans and some pajamas. We did get Amelia a new toy (Jason picked it) and two pairs of shoes:

Jason picked out the boots, I think because they are Timberland. We got the black mary janes for her to wear this holiday season with dresses and jumpers! Both pairs of shoes are in great shape and I was happy they cost just a small fraction of what new shoes would cost at Target!

Speaking of Target, we went there today too! We got most of our Christmas shopping finished up but I still have some work to do to get gifts ready! Christmas really snuck up on us this year, despite my trying to get things taken care of early.

Amelia got these new antlers today:

She wore them while we shopped and everyone thought she was so cute :)

Amelia looked so cute today:

It is not her best picture, but it will have to do! When I sit her down for a picture, I lean back to take it and she is already crawling to me :) Can you tell her socks match her sweatshirt? I was beside myself this morning when I realized that I (er, she) had Bambi socks, in the same color as her sweatshirt! I bought them at seperate stores months apart. I was pleased.

We also got a Christmas tree today:

I know, it is a little small... This year we didn't decorate. At all. There was just no time for it. The end of the semester kicked my butt this year and I didn't want to use decorating as another means of procrastination. So we didn't. By the time things were finished and there was some room to breathe, it was a little late to go through all the trouble of decorating to only enjoy it for around a week. Oh well. Anyways, we got the little, pre-lit purple tree so there was something in the house and we will put it in Amelia's room next year! Her very own tree :)

I am thinking that I might be packing Amelia up and heading to The Oriental for a movie tonight. It is the last night for An Education and I want to see it. Amelia has been crying in bed the past few nights. She is asleep and just starts crying. I go in there and she is asleep - crying, I find her paci, put it in, hit her seahorse soother, leave and she is fine. It is strange. I am just not sure if I want to disturb her...

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