Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a good day. Lots of things got done! Our trip to Target was a complete success...I only bought things that we needed! Usually I end up with clearanced baby clothes or toys in my cart, but not today! I looked but reminded myself of how many clothes Amelia has already! Where would I put the new ones?!

I tried putting Amelia down for her usual morning nap after our Target trip, which caused her nap to be later than normal. She was not interested in napping at all! I went in there because she was babbling and this is what I found:

Very similar to what I found this morning!

Amelia had a good time this afternoon, while we worked in the kitchen:

Once she started to yawn I put her in her pack 'n' play, secretly hoping she'd nap...and this is what I found:

She slept for over 2 hours, thankfully, otherwise we would have a real crabby girl by now.

In other news, Amelia's babbling is starting to sound like real words. Today, she has been "saying" "uh-mama-mamun", which sometimes sounds like, "hi mama". She makes the funniest face while making those noises!

I'm off to work soon! Hope everyone has been enjoying their long weekend, at least those who aren't in the service industry that is...

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