Saturday, December 05, 2009

200th Post!

This is my 200th blog entry. Not bad for being a "blogger" for about a year!

Amelia is taking her nap, still! I have the house mostly in order, mostly. Sometimes I wonder why I even try to keep the house clean. Amelia is into everything.

Today I cleared the coffee table off, with the exception of a candle (that we will only light when she is in bed for the night) and the remotes. I am chancing the stuff under the table for a bit longer. She tends to leave it alone, so far.

While I was at work yesterday, Jason got Amelia's pet net up:

This afternoon she seemed a bit worried that her friends were so far away and out of her reach! It is so nice knowing that we won't walk into her room to find all her friends all over the place anymore.

Amelia has been busy this morning! Crawling and standing are her main activities lately. I love and hate it at the same time. I love that she is growing and learning but I don't love that she is into everything and making messes! For example, she was crawling around this morning and when she came back into the living room, this is what she looked like:

We really need to find better ways to keep her away from cords/shoelaces/scarves...basically, anything that is string-like!

While she took her nap this morning/afternoon, I took down her play mat that we have been using as a barrier to keep her away from cords, of course, and made it into an "obstacle" for her. When she woke up we tried it out.

She wasn't too sure at first:

Then she started going through:

Found the piece that fits into the hole and got sidetracked:

She eventually made it all the way through. Next, she tried to go back through, with the new toy she discovered:

It didn't work too well! We have been having fun with this all afternoon! I keep putting things on the other side and she keeps going through to get them:

Here is a video of her going through:

I am cooking dinner for us tonight. Shocking, I know. I am wanting to learn how to cook more and more these days for some reason unknown to me. I am making a chicken and rice bake from a recipe that I found on a can of mixed vegetables in our pantry. It seems easy enough. I can mess anything up though...we'll see how it turns out I guess!

Oh yeah, here is a picture of Jason's new hair:

No no, he won't be wearing it like this, but I thought it was funny!

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