Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 1

Today was our first day back in MN for the holidays. We got in just after midnight this morning and it was rough going for awhile. Amelia did NOT want to go back to sleep and it didn't help that her mom and dad forgot to bring her glowy seahorse she had no lullabies :( She let everyone know she was NOT happy! She kept the whole house up until almost 4 a.m. Ugh.

This morning I woke up, bright and early, to take my final final exam online before the cut off time of 7:59 a.m. I took it and went back to sleep for a bit. This morning we addressed our Christmas cards, and did a few other things before heading out. Amelia got into some trouble this morning! Amelia liked pulling ornaments off of the upstairs Christmas tree, so Jason put a cat tunnel over her arms:

Once she worked her arms out she pulled down a glass container of Nana's that was full of pebble-things:

It made a very LOUD noise when it hit the ground but nothing broke, luckily.

My dad was home today, so he kept Amelia while Jason and I went out. We had lunch at Cossetta's in St. Paul which is one of my favorites! Jason and I did a few other things while we were out and then headed back to my parent's house. My friends, Marie and Lisa, came over this evening. While we were waiting for them to arrive I put Amelia in the window and she did this:

Yep, she is licking the window:

She did it over and over and over. Maybe she liked it because the window was cold? Either way, we all got a kick out of it!

Marie and Lisa brought Amelia some Christmas gifts too. She got a new outfit for Amelia and a "ball shooter" from Marie. She wasn't really interested in unwrapping them:

The "ball shooter" scares the be-jeez-us out of her. This was her reaction:

We think the motor on it freaked her out the most. She doesn't really have any toys that make the noise the motor was making. There is a "ball shooter" in the nursery at Marie's church that all the kids love, so we are confident Amelia will learn to have fun with the toy!

Us girls had a good time chatting and catching up! I am hopeful that now that school is over I will be able to talk to them more often. I sure do miss these girls:

The snow has arrived! The "holiday blizzard" will drop an estimated twenty inches of snow on us over the next couple of days! Maybe we will build a snowman? The kids across the street from my parents house have embraced the snow banks that snowplows create:

Using the snow pile as the snowman's body saves a lot of time I bet!

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