Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 4

Yesterday was our last day home for the holidays, as well as our travel day. Amelia got up at her usual time but I put her in her pack 'n' play an hour earlier than normal for her nap because she had a big date! Around 11, Amelia and I, went to my long-time friend L's house for a playdate with her 15 month old son J! I met J last December for the first time:

What a difference a year makes! This December L and J got to meet Amelia! I was a little nervous about Amelia, as you may remember, she doesn't do well around other babies most of the time. She did great though! She and J played so great for about 3 hours. He did a lot of running around while she played with his puppy, Afton too. She loved Afton:

J was keeping close watch!

Amelia wasn't too sure about him at first...

...but then he hugged her. So sweet!

J is a pro at stairs, so we spent a lot of time on the stairs:

I like the last one. It is like he is trying to tell her how to get up the stairs.

J and his mommy were laughing on the floor together and Amelia joined the fun:

While L and I were talking, I mentioned that Amelia hadn't started cruising (basically, walking along furniture) yet. As I was talking I looked at her, said "no, that is J's cup" and kept talking. Then I turned back and realized she was doing it! I made her do it again so I could record it:

It's not a very long distance but she did it!

We had a good time with L and J and look forward to seeing them again!

After our playdate, we picked daddy up and had Subway for lunch. After that we headed back to my parent's house to get things ready to go back to Milwaukee. We had a ton of stuff to cram into my little car! We said our goodbyes to Nana and Grandpa:

We packed everything up:

As you can see, it was a tight fit! And we headed to North Hudson to see Jason's Grandma Rude before we left. She recently had knee surgery and seems to be doing pretty good recovering. Amelia liked her walker:

She played with the brake lines (cords). Jason's Uncle Dave was there, dropping off milk, so we got to say hello to him also.

We left Hudson at 6:45 and got to Milwaukee at 11:47...maybe Jason should drive all the time? He definately gets it done faster than me!

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