Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Lazy" Days

We have been having some "lazy" days this week. I say "lazy" (with quotes) because we have both been working a lot but nothing else has gotten done. Jason isn't even unpacked from Christmas yet! Upon getting home late, late Saturday night, Jason had to get up for work at 6 a.m. Sunday. Once he got home I left for work. That pattern continued through Tuesday.

This morning was supposed to be a major cleaning day...didn't happen! Amelia has been kind enough to allow us to sleep in, really sleep in...11:30! She gets up, has her bottle and is back in her crib, playing. Maybe there is some sleeping going on in there, but I am not sure because her daddy and I are sleeping.

Sunday morning I put together Amelia's new farm. I had to figure out the power drill! It took me most of her morning nap to get done and then the silly girl wasn't interested in it:

We kept at it:

And she eventually had fun:

Amelia "helped" me put away some laundry:

Monday morning Jason picked up an extra shift at work so it was just us girls. Amelia kept getting into trouble! She would NOT leave her cats alone and Ludo, finally, let her know that pulling on his tail was NOT ok with him:

See the scratch on her eye? I told her 4 or 5 times that she needed to leave him alone, moved her to another room, gave her a toy and she still went right back to him. Well, he told her! He didn't get into trouble but I have kept a closer eye on her when she is with them. As soon as she pulls on him she is told, "no" and I show her how to pet nicely. We'll see how it goes.

I also gave Amelia her Christmas presents from Jason and I:

(this was the best look I could get from her...)

Tuesday morning Amelia and I went to Bible study and she did better in the nursery! I am glad that she is getting better with other babies/kids. Tuesday also marked the start of eating battles with Amelia :(

She just seems to have no appetite, whatsoever. She takes her morning bottle good enough but after that she is not interested. When I tried feeding her her lunch, she barely ate a thing. She isn't acting like she is starved (which I think she should be!). Today we went through the same thing. Maybe she is finally teething? If so, she is backwards...most babies refuse the bottle, not solids, when teething! Only time will tell.

Today, as mentioned above, was a day of nothing. Once Jason left for work I tried to get the motivation to clean, but it never came. Tomorrow must be more productive! First, we need to go to the grocery store though. We have nothing, literally!

Amelia provided some amusement for me tonight. First, she came crawling into the living room with a credit card and a pen:

I think she is going to be a all the other women in her family!

Before bed, she got about 15 minutes amusement out of my cap and tassel from graduation:

I am going to go and rummage up some dinner now and watch TV. I had a rough few days at work this week and haven't been much for talking. I think a night alone (tonight!) will do me some good.

I'll just say this, service industry workers deserve much, much more respect than they get. Just because I work at a movie theatre does not give you the right to treat me like the garbage you will leave on the theatre floor for me to pick up.

Also, we haven't taken many pictures this week because I left the camera charger in MN! It should be arriving soon, I hope! Then I can get back to taking lots and lots of pictures!

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