Friday, December 11, 2009

NO Relief

Well, I dropped the paper off (6 days early, I might add) this morning on my way to work. I had to leave it in the professor's mailbox because she is never around. Long rant short, she won't look it over because it is "unfair" to other students. Ok, I can understand that, but not when her big thing this semester has been us improving our writing and re-writing things until we are both satisfied. Her response to me dropping off my paper early, for feedback, completely contradicts that. Plus, every student has the opportunity to complete something with time to meet with the professor but most don't bother. So, I don't feel any relief, yet. Hopefully I can, soon.

Work was so so today. I am not sure on the details of Jason and Amelia's day with Grandpa, but I did find these pictures on my camera when I got home:

(she is in my clothes hamper)

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