Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On Our Toes

Wow! Amelia has gotten a LOT stronger this week and she is into everything and she goes everywhere. It has really been taking it out of us this week, especially Jason who is sick right now (just a cold, we think).

Sunday afternoon we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Vikings and Bears play each other. It is impossible to talk to Jason when he is watching football on a big screen. Almost every single time I said anything to him he would "ignore" me and then look at me 30 seconds later and ask, "Huh? You say something?". Not even his daughter in his lap could break his concentration on the game:

Monday was routine for us. I left for school, spent the day in classes and in the library, researching. Jason and Amelia picked me up and we had Oakland Gyros for dinner and picked up a movie. Jason said to me, "So I was thinking, we could watch a Christmas movie, but only if it is one that we have never seen." I was a bit confused and asked him if there was one at home that we had bought last season and hadn't seen yet. He said, "No, but we could Redbox something...". Then it hit me. I had mentioned to him that I wanted to watch Four Christmases and he said no because he didn't like Reese Witherspoon. Well, he realized that Vince Vaughn was also in it and wanted to see it. We laughed so hard!

Tuesday I made baby food and picked things up around here. Amelia made her usual rounds through the house. She likes to pull on my phone charger cord and has been able to unplug it lately. After she realizes that it is not connected to the wall anymore she just takes it around the house with her:

Before anyone reminds me of the danger of cords, I know she shouldn't have them. She doesn't get them very long. Once she has it we take it. We are taking every precaution we can think of to keep that girl away from cords but it is like she has radar for them. She finds them no matter how well they are hidden, no matter how heavy the object in front of them is.

While we were in the kitchen I gave Amelia some puffs for the first time:

Just as I suspected, she wasn't interested in them. She did, however, think that her cats would like them. She threw them all on the floor for her furry friends.

Tuesday night we (Jason) had to lower Amelia's crib to the last setting. Now that she is standing all the time we can't take any chances that she will get the strength to pull herself over. Poopy was there, helping Jason with the crib:

He is always with us, "helping". *sigh*

Another thing that Amelia loves is a cat toy. It is a springy tiger that hangs from a doorknob. It is seriously one of her favorite things to play with. She tries to take it everywhere with her:

She pulled it all the way down the hall and into the kitchen before I took it from her. I was afraid it would snap somehow and hurt her.

The changing table is no longer a safe place to leave Amelia, even for a minute:

I find it humorous, she spends so much time crying to get out of her crib and here she is, trying to get back into it.

Amelia has been saying some new things lately:

Pardon her crabiness in the video. She didn't nap well today Jason said and it showed in her behavior tonight. I love that it sounds like she is trying to say "mama"! I also think it is hilarious that her mouth moves longer than she is saying "ma-ma-ma". She is so cute!

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