Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Relaxing Night

Why is Amelia so happy? Maybe because she had just woke up from her late nap? Maybe because for the first time, in a long time, I don't care that it is just about bedtime and she is still up?

It has been really nice today, relaxing. With the bulk of schoolwork out of the way, as of today, I have been able to take things at a much slower pace. I like it! Usually the evenings consist of rushing around, playing with Amelia while picking things up, eating quick dinners etc. Not anymore! Amelia and I have been enjoying our night. We watched Mickey's Christmas Carol while we played and now Pooh's Christmas something-or-other is on, so we are "watching" that too.

I put a pair of old glasses on her tonight:

It was fun! She would scrunch up her face when I put them on her and then rip them off. It was hard to get a picture!

I see a lot of Fronczek in her in this picture:

She looks like my dad, I think.

Someone has ventured into the other room...I had better go supervise! (I am sure she is just looking for a kitty...or following one...)

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