Sunday, December 06, 2009

Jason's Bad Night

We'll start with a picture:

Now for the explanation...

See the little red cup in his hand? That little red cup is what we have to thank for our terrible, horrible, awful night.

Around 9:30 I got a text from Jason that he stepped on one of Amelia's toys and hurt his ankle. I didn't think much of it. The texts kept coming though, about how much his ankle hurt. I ended up rushing out of work 30 minutes early to get home and take him to the emergency room. Our neighbor's downstairs were still up and were kind enough to "watch" Amelia for us (ie- we gave them the baby monitor).

After an hour and a half at the hospital, Jason was on crutches and we were on our way home. He has a severe sprain. There is bruising going up his leg even. An x-ray technician is looking over his x-rays tomorrow to check for small fractures. He was hoping for some of the "good stuff" for the pain but was told, just Tylenol and ibuprofin.

He realized on our way to the ER that he didn't have his phone and assumed he left it upstairs. We got home, I called his phone so he could find it and call his boss about not being able to work in the morning and some guy answered. He had found Jason's phone on the sidewalk and was outside of the Cactus Club (next door, literally). I asked him to please wait and I would be right down to get the phone and he said he'd leave it.

Guess what?! He didn't. He was nowhere to be found and neither was the phone. I went into the bar (my first time being in a bar in about a year and a half, by the way) to ask about it. Nothing. Thanks a lot guy. Happy Holidays.

So, not only is Jason on crutches but he has no phone. We had to call T-Mobile and suspend his and get a new one on it's way. It won't be here for 3 business days. That was the fastest they could do. Great.

He had to find a way to get ahold of his boss about tomorrow. His shift starts at 6 a.m. -- a few short hours from now. We poured over Facebook, trying to find the number of anyone who might have this phone number we needed. We were about to give up when I realized that Comet, the other restaurant the guy co-owns, was still open! We called there, got the number and all is set. That number is safely in my phone, just in case. As is Comet's number.

To top it off, the live music next door tonight was some guys Jason really likes and he couldn't go. Don't ask me to recall who, I couldn't tell ya if my life depended on it. Something like Dose-one and Gel? He went next door (to the owner's house) to see if he could get a couple of records signed but Eric (the owner) wasn't home. As he was standing there the guys he wanted to see got out of their van and Jason went over and they signed his records AND gave him an additional one they had in their van. I guess the whole night wasn't terrible for him :)

(see the drawings? Those are their "signatures"...)

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