Thursday, December 03, 2009

9 Month Well Check-Up and more...

This morning we went to Amelia's 9 month check-up and all is well! She is still long and thin :) She is 28.5 inches long and still right around 19 pounds (which I think was off because when we were there a month ago for a flu shot and I had them weigh her she was 19 lb, 10 oz. Oh well). She is following her growth curve nicely, she is still in the 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight! There are no routine vaccinations at the nine month visit so we thought we were off the hook! Nope. We decided to have her H1N1 vaccine done and she will go back in one month to get the second one.

While we were at the doctor we made a recieving blanket into a "toga" for her, so she would be warm:

Jason thought of doing it and I made it a reality. The doctor got a kick out of it too!

We spent a good chunk of time talking with the doctor about Amelia's rice "allergy". Since rice is not commonly an allergen, the doctor was confused as to why Amelia's skin reacts the way it does when she has rice, rice cereal in particular. I mentioned that she had the same reaction to baby oatmeal, which started a whole 'nother conversation regarding a gluten allergy (eek!). Long story short, we are going to be holding off of most grains for a bit. In a couple weeks we will have her try some regular, adult oatmeal because the doctor seems to think that she could be reacting to something that they add to the baby version and not to the oats themselves. We will eventually try rice again and if the same issues arise, we will have to have her tested for food allergies :(

This afternoon, after the doctor, we went to Wal-Mart to finally get camera cards put onto CD. I avoided it the past 2 months because I have such terrible experiences with Wal-Mart;s machines here but today it went great! They had some new computers that were much better than the old ones. I am finally able to clear off my cards...500 pictures (October and November)!

We also got Amelia a pet net today at Toys 'R' Us because she has "found" her friends that have lined the top of her crib the last 9 months. Jason will have to get that up tomorrow!

Lastly, Jason got his hair cut today, which I wrote about, here.

Oh yes, the SNOW has finally come to Milwaukee:

By the time some had accumulated it was already dark, so the picture isn't the greatest. I made it black and white, which made it better though! I am not convinced that this snow will be with us in the always seems to disappear when we don't get tons of it. I will know tomorrow morning!

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