Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Good Haul

We had another Saturday morning at the Farmer's Markets, with Liz and Kory this time. When we left for the South Shore Farmer's Market (the one near our home) this morning it was raining, but we walked anyways and the rain cleared up quickly! We got a ton of veggies from this market! Next we went to the East Side Market and got a few more veggies and Amelia another pillow monster (like the one Jason got her last weekend). Here is a picture of our veggie load from today:

Here is the monster we got Amelia today. I picked this one out for her. I wanted one that was a little more girlie, here is what I decided on:

Amelia was a bit more interested in the tag that was on the monster than the monster itself:

And here is something that Jason did last night:
Poopy the Cop

Jason recently got new bike lights, one for the back of the bike and one for his helmet, and he put them on Poopy last night, shut the lights off and came into the other room and told me to go look in the kitchen. I did and then we decided to do a video to show you all how we spend (ie-waste) our time at home some nights. (side note- Jason does not actually bike anywhere at this dad gave him his old Bridgestone mountain bike about a month ago. We have new tubes for the tires, so those need to go on, and then it will be functional, although it may/probably needs a tune up. After that I know there are a few things to be replaced, handlebar grips, new seat etc. We are also considering trying to get my old bike down here and fix it up/do some work on it so that I can also ride to work. It would be a long ride, but it would save on the stress of finding parking on the East Side, having to plug a meter every hour, which I can't do because I am at work and can't always leave when I need to which results in parking tickets etc...needless to say, I would like to bike to work because the bus is not always all that convenient, but I do take it to school every day. I miss being able to walk there.)

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