Sunday, August 02, 2009

Brunch and "Cat Naps"

This morning Amelia and I had brunch at HoneyPie with Kory and Liz before they hit the road to head home. It was Jason's first morning of working brunch so he didn't get to eat with us, but he made what we ate. Here are some pictures we took after we were done eating:

She had the silverware wrap in her hand and kept putting it in her clearly did not taste too good because she always made funny faces after, like this one:

Then she decided that Kory should eat the paper (she kept putting it up by his mouth):

After we got home from HoneyPie Amelia and I chatted with Ellen (downstairs neighbor) and then came upstairs so Amelia could have some lunch. After lunch she was out like a light! She fell asleep in my arms and when I moved she did not flinch a bit (which is unusual). I laid her down on the couch next to me, and coincidentally next to some kitties. The three of them enjoyed a nice "cat nap" as a trio:

This evening Amelia and I went to church. It was really hot in there tonight! I took her out of the sling right away because it was so warm. Then during the service I propped her up next to me so that her hot little body wouldn't be sitting on me for an hour! She did pretty well playing on her own, with a piece of paper of course, nevermind the toys I brought with for her, an orange piece of paper was far more interesting. Go figure :)

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