Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life is Good

Things are good around here. Yesterday Jason had a low key birthday at home with Amelia while I headed to work for opening weekend of the new Tarantino film. I wish I had gotten off earlier so that we could have spent more time together, the three of us (Amelia was in bed when I got home) but I was needed at work, it was very busy!

Jason didn't have a cake...instead he had a bag of popcorn with brewer's yeast on it:

(complete with a Landmark Theatres "Happy Birthday" card thanks to Dawn's ingenuity)

We went to bed early because Jason had to be up at 5:30 this morning to go in and work brunch. That will be his normal Saturday from now on which allows me to go in and work Saturday evening which is great for the school year. So far, I will ony be working Friday all day and Saturday nights (vs Tuesdays and Fridays). I get out of class just after 6 on Mondays, so the first week of school I am going to try and make it in for a 6:30 shift. It will be cutting it close, but I am going to try, because if I can make it on time, that is a third shift I can work (probably only once a pay period though, so I have a night at home with Jason every other week).

Now, on to the meaning behind today's title. Not only are things good here, but Amelia wore her own "Life is Good" outfit today:

It is still a little big on her, but it was another chilly day so I wanted her in pants. It even has matching socks that say "Life is Good" on them, with "little chicks" on the top.

This morning I went to the farmer's market alone to get corn for next week when we are home and have dinner with Jason's family. We were hoping to take Amelia in Grandpa Peterson's pool this trip, but that is up in the air again. The poor little thing has such bad skin it is ridiculous! We have gotten her break-outs mostly under control. The exception being her face (her cheeks break out several times a week still). The backs of her knees were the worst. They would crack open and be bright red, it just looked so painful. The doctor had us try several creams on them and the last one worked so well! It cleared up in a few days but now for some reason it is coming back. It's not too bad yet so I am putting the cream on it twice a day again (after it cleared I only put it on at night). We just don't want to get chlorine on her already sensitive skin and cause it to really flare up. There is always next year I suppose!

Hopefully everyone has something fun to do this weekend! Ours is full of work. After we trade off parental duties today, Jason works a double tomorrow, so it'll just be us girls all day!

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