Tuesday, August 04, 2009


No, Amelia is not walking yet :) This afternoon we had lunch next door at the Palomino and then decided to take advantage of a nice, overcast and cool afternoon and go on a walk. We never intended to be gone for 2 hours on our walk, but it happened! We walked on the Oak Leaf Trail (Jason had not walked it before today). We saw some awesome houses and it made us want to be homeowners pretty bad! Here are some pictures from our walk:

Views like this are one of the reasons we love Milwaukee! Down here it does not feel like we are in the largest city in Wisconsin at all. On our way back we stopped at a small cafe on the waterfront, adjacent to the South Shore Yacht Club, and had some cokes. It was a really nice afternoon, even though it was cloudy and overcast the whole time!

Here are some other pictures from our day:

I have been playing around with the settings on the new camera I got last week. One of them that I really like is "color accent". Here is an example of that:

And here is a final picture of the little lady feeding herself (which she tries to do all the time!):

It is so funny, when she sees her bottle she starts to "talk", loudly. Then when you get closer her "talking" gets louder and she starts leaning forward, reaching for her bottle. Once it is close enough, she grabs it and shoves it into her mouth. She is not quite strong enough to hold a full bottle on her own yet, but when there is just a little left/nothing left she can feed herself for short periods of time. It's pretty cute.

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