Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Practicing Sitting

Amelia and I have been working on sitting up for about a week now. In the evening she and I sit on the floor with her Boppy, or her Bumbo, and we work on sitting upright. (today we struggled because Lucky was on the chair and all she wanted to do was stare at him) She does really well in the Bumbo, usually, so now we are trying it with less support. She can stay up for a few seconds. Then she likes to lean to one side on the pillow and look around:

Other times she falls forward:

Once she is forward like this she usually manuevers herself onto her stomach. A few times she has managed to push herself up enough to lean to one side and balance on the pillow again, so we are making some progress, which is all that matters!

In this one she looks like she is dancing or something:

Amelia has figured out the new camera already. When I push the button to take a picture, there is an orange light that shines on the subject and then it takes the picture. When she sees the orange light, this is what she does:

She seems to know that it is time to smile for a picture but she goes a little overboard with her smiling!

In other news, I noticed some red crystal-like stuff in Amelia's diaper this afternoon. I took a second look at her bottom and she has a rash way in there that bleeds just a little. I called the doctor and told them what I found and also that she has been grunting a lot the past few days and that one month ago she started her only formula diet. The nurse said that there should be nothing to worry about. Her body is still not adjusted to her new diet and it is most likely causing her to be constipated (which I figured). They said to keep an eye on it, use Desitin or another similar cream (I chose "Butt Paste") and to let them know if more blood appears.

Lastly, this is Jason's new pepper grinder that came today. His old one broke and there was a lifetime warranty on it, so we sent it in. He got a letter back saying that it was discontinued but they would like to send him a new one to replace it. He was pretty excited about that. The company is Olde Thompson. I think it was great that they were willing to replace something that they no longer carry with any other pepper grinder they have, no matter the price (this one is much nicer/fancier than the one that broke).

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