Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family, Fair and Fun

Before school gets started next week, we took a trip home. Here is a rundown of our week:


First, someone turned 6 months old! Her first half year has flown by! She did so great in the car!

Once we finally got to Nana's house Amelia had some fun playing in Shadow's tunnel:

Jason also had a few birthday gifts waiting for him. My sister got him a spice collection from Penzey's called "Ethnic Milwaukee" and my mom made him a Twins blanket:

She takes two pieces of fleece and then crochets the edges together. So, it is similar to those fleece tie blankets that a lot of people have/make.

Once we were settled in and changed, we went to Jason's Grandpa Peterson's house for dinner with him, Jason's mom and sister and Jason's Grandma Rude. We grilled out and then celebrated Jason's birthday a few days late. He got an electric griddle and an ulu from his mom who just got back from Alaska. We only took ONE picture that night, go it is:


Wednesday morning we went to downtown Stillwater with my sister and walked around, stopping in a few of the shops. Amelia also tried out her new walker that my mom found at Once Upon a Child:

She can barely touch her little feet to the ground when she is in it, but she loved it!

Wednesday evening we went to our friend's, Lisa and Al, house they bought in June. We grilled out (burgers, brats and venison) and then the girls (myself, Lisa and Marie) went on a walk and sat on the porch talking while the boys (Jason, Al and Jordan) watched baseball with Amelia.

How would you love to have this view out your front door!?:


Thursday my parents, Jason and I got up early and caught a shuttle bus to the MN State Fair! It was Jason's first fair in 5 years and Amelia's first fair ever! Last year when I went I was really sick and couldn't taste anything at all so I was miserable :( I wait all year for Taco King tacos and I didn't even get to eat one last year! (I made up this year by eating 4...)

Here are some pictures from our day at the fair:

Minnesota's biggest boar, Deano, weighing in at 1310 pounds:


"Mona Melee":

"American Gothic":
Jason and I:

Mom and Dad had it backwards:

Amelia on tractors:

Amelia was very interested in everyone's cups at the fair:

Nana, Auntie Kim and Amelia on the Space Tower:

Amelia took several naps in her stroller. There is a flap on the top of the canopy that we snuck a picture or two through:

I got our first family Christmas ornament:

We were at the fair for eleven hours and Amelia did great! She got a lot of stuff (most of which is still in the car, so there are no pictures of any of it...yet).

After the fair, Amelia needed a bath! She had her first bath in a sink and would not sit down for it, she insisted on standing:

We were exhausted when we got home and spent the rest of the night at my parents house.


Friday morning I did some things around the house with my parents. Amelia had her breakfast in her new travel high chair:

Shadow thought it looked like a good chair too:

We went to the Bungalow for lunch and when we got home packed up the car. Amelia and her grandpa fell asleep during that time:

After we woke them up, we hit the road. We stopped at Jason's mom's house to say bye. Auntie Liz came home from work in time to catch us as well. When we left there we got an oil change and were on our way! Amelia did great in the car again!

We got home and there was no parking, as usual on a Friday night, near our house so we left everything but essentials in the car. Once I finally wrap this up I am going to go bring the car down in front of our house and finish unloading it all. After that I need to pick up after the cats! They made quite a mess while we were gone...they must have had a good time :)

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the misses of the blisses said...

Hey! I almost just bought that phil and teds travel high chair! I ended up finging one at a store here, and was able to order it online... hopefully we get it soon so we can start using it! Anyways- youll have to let me know how you like it! I read some pretty good reviews on it. I LOVE all the state fair pics! I miss getting anything and everything on a stick!