Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Simple Saturday

Today started out as most other Saturdays do, we went to the farmer's market. We got there pretty late so it was crazy over there and we got in, found our stuff (steak fajitas this week!) and got out. Pushing the stroller on grass amidst a sea of people all stopping to look at things = near disasters, often. I actually clipped a few heels this morning...oops :/

We also went grocery shopping today and dealt with the Saturday afternoon crowd at Woodmans. We also got a good laugh at the Sonic employees... There is one opening across the parking lot from the grocer and the employees were out, skates and all, training in there neon uniforms. Remind us not to grocery shop Sonic's opening weekend, it will be a mess over there, people love their Sonic! I, however, have never eaten at one.

Here are a few pictures of Amelia playing today:

In other news, Jason finally rode his bike to work today! yay! Yesterday while I was at work he and Amelia went to REI to get tires and exchange an inner tube (he got two, but they weren't the same, so one had to be exchanged) and later that afternoon he got the new tires and tubes put on! I don't post a lot of pictures of Jason on here (he doesn't like/let me take many most of the time) but I took this when he left for work:

He still needs a helmet. We are ordering on online this weekend, sometime. He knows the one he wants and tried them on at REI so he knows what size he needs. Now all he has to do is find one for a good price online and order it!

Lastly, here is a picture of the Duck:

Our kitchen chairs are always so covered in cat hair because of stuff like this! I still don't know why they all hang out in the kitchen, it is the only part of the house that the a/c doesn't reach at all. Yet, they are all in there in the afternoon, sleeping. Funny guys!

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