Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun at Wal-Mart

When we stopped at Wal-Mart this afternoon there was a wheelchair in the cart corral and Jason wanted to bring it inside, in case there was someone who needed to use it. He brought it in in his own way:

I had a pretty good laugh watching him wheel across the entire parking lot :)

Amelia has a pretty bad diaper rash again and this time it is way worse than the time before! Today we have been trying our best to help her feel better but nothing seems to be working. She is so sore down there that creams aren't staying onto the bad parts. If things are still in the shape they are now tomorrow I will likely call the doctor and ask to be seen, in case it is a symptom of something worse.

When she finally calmed down this afternoon for a nap (at 4 I might add, a tad late) she fell right asleep. I went in to check on her and this is what she looked like:

Some of you who know Miss Amelia know that one of her favorite things to do is clasp her hands together. She even does it in her sleep!

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American in Poland said...

I'm not convinced Amelia was an immaculate conception. She is the spitting image of you! No advice on diaper rash. If you can leave her diaperless the air may help. You may want to consider changing your laundry detergent since she seems to have sensitivities. You are doing a great job!