Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy Sunday

Well, I was mistaken, Jason was home with us this morning! It is next week that he works open to close on Sunday, which is better because it makes up for us being gone in MN/Hudson area this week.

This morning we woke up at 10:30...precisely when church starts...oops! Amelia is getting really good at entertaining herself in her crib and we have been sleeping later as a result. We no longer have our automatic alarm clock, er baby, to wake us up! I like sleep but I do not like feeling like we get nothing done in a day because we sleep late :(

EDIT: Jason would like me to clarify the phrase "get up". We are awake much earlier than 10:30. By "get up" I am refering to actually getting out of bed. To me, laying in bed, even if we are awake is not actually "being up". So, to rephrase the above, we "got out of bed" at 10:30.

This morning we went to Whole Foods to drop off our recycling and fill our water jugs. I think I've mentioned it before, but we take everything that the city doesn't recylce to Whole Foods because they have bins set up for it all and they recycle it. They take everything from plastic forks to the caps off of bottles/milk jugs etc. We recylce EVERYTHING we can in this house, even if it means taking a trip to the other side of town to do so.

While we were there we had some lunch (Jason a noodle bowl thing and I a salad). We stopped by Alterra and got a pound of coffee (as a frequent buyer, I get a free pound for my birthday, so we used that this trip).

When we got home we went to work in Amelia's room. Doing what you might ask? Well, first we lowered her crib a notch and then decided to take the crib tent off. (if you don't remember/know what a crib tent is, click here) We have not been zipping it up the past week, kind of to test the cats. As far as we know they have not been in it! We decided to take it off because now that she is constantly face planting it before she falls asleep, I flip her back to her back and the zipper wakes her up when we open it. Flipping her doesn't wake her necessarily, she stirs a little, but her eyes rarely open. The zipper, however, wakes her almost always!

Here she is in her in her crib:

I am sure that I will not sleep too well the next few nights, worrying that the cats are climbing in there with her! I don't know though, they were pretty enthralled with the crib tent after it was removed. See so for yourself:

I also decided to put out her 9 month clothes. She is in between sizes right now, so only about half of her 6 month stuff actually fits currently. I left the 6 month stuff that does fit in a basket for her to where this upcoming week. Once we get home I think I will have her in 9 month clothes only and now the task of putting them away is already done for when we get back!

Today Amelia wore her "Baby Nerd" onesie that Marie made her. Some of you know, Marie and I have shirts that say "Nerd One" and "Nerd Two"...long story that began with our trip to see "The Cat in the Hat"...

Amelia decided that 4:30 was a good time to take a nap finally, so we missed church all together today! I just didn't have the heart to wake her. She was so tired all afternoon but wouldn't nap so once she fell asleep I just let her be.

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