Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Rainy Day

Today we woke up to thunderstorms! It was nice to finally have a good storm (we had one in May, and Jason recalls one other, but that is it for the summer so far). Amelia slept a bit later today (10:30 actually, a couple hours later) and we can only assume it was because there was no sunshine poking into her room to wake her. It has been dark and gloomy all day.

Amelia and I skipped running today for two reasons, the rain obviously, and the fact that when there was a break in the rain it is HUMID beyond all belief. Even just walking into our stairwell for a minute makes me feel sticky all over...not ideal weather to be out and about, working out, for me at least. We also skipped going to the farmer's market this morning because of the fresh veggies for us this week! Instead we stayed in our nice, air conditioned apartment and played! Amelia is getting better at sitting every day. She is getting better at pushing herself up when I put her on her butt:

We tried out her new Winnie the Pooh blocks I found for her at a yard sale. We got them all cleaned up and she enjoys them! They are rubbery, so they are easy for her to grasp:

Amelia and I read a few books this afternoon too (something we try and do often, but it doesn't always happen). As she is getting older she is getting more interested in the books, so that is helpful in making me remember to pull a few out and read them to her. She has her soft books that she likes to play with on her own as well. Two of the books we read today had "mirrors" in them and I took pictures of her "reading" in them:

We had a good day today, despite the weather! By the time we were done playing this afternoon, the floor was covered in discarded toys! Toys...and everyday baby items that are now kitty toys... We have several nasal aspirators in this house (which ironically, Jason and I can't seem to make any of them work properly on little Amelia) and the cats have taken a liking to the blue one that the hospital sent home. More than once we have found it on the kitchen floor. There are now bite marks into it in several places, so we decided to just let the cats have it. I must say, it is pretty funny to look up and see a cat walking by with one of those in their mouths. See for yourself:

Lastly, here is a final picture of our happy little girl:

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