Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby's First Beach Adventure

Yesterday I took a break from schoolwork so we could go to the beach before I had to work. It was a very hazy afternoon with a nice breeze, perfect for getting out of the house! From the beach you couldn't even see downtown it was so hazy:

Amelia has her very own lifejacket! We picked it up last week for when she and I go up north in a few weeks. We decided to try it out at the beach to see how she liked it. Here we are getting it fitted on her before we went on our walk:

Jason's "big catch":

Amelia wasn't too sure about Lake Michigan. She just kept staring at the water with a very concentrated/concerned look on her face:

Here are some more pictures of us all at the beach:

Yup, as the above picture suggests, Poopy joined us at the beach (we have a pet stroller that we pushed him there in. yes, we are those people)! We tied him to a piece of driftwood so he had a little bit of freedom:

Amelia on her "pony" Poopy:

She was a pretty happy baby by the time we left!

By the time we left and were on our way home, the haze had lifted and you could actually see downtown:

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon before heading to a long night at work!

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