Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Nothing to report today. Another slow day around the house. Hopefully tomorrow we get some things crossed off our growing to-do list! I have two weeks off of school and one week of that we won't be home, so...I have one week to do the odd jobs around here (ex-photo albums, baby book etc) without having to worry about homework!

Tonight I am going to attempt to work on photo albums. We have all of our pictures on the computer but like to have a photo album around for people to look at as well. We take hundreds of pictures a month, so the photo albums are just favorite photos. Now that I have figured out how to order pictures from home I think printing out pictures on a more regular basis will be easier. Now I just have to get caught up...and not fall behind again...

*Uncle Mark, we don't have any pictures of Amelia and G&G Peterson, our camera wasn't out the day that they were here. I think you mentioned they are on your computer, could you e-mail us a few? ( Thanks :)

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