Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chef Amelia!

This afternoon Amelia wore her own chef hat that Jason got for her (and he personalized it himself):

In other news, for those who were aware of our extreme diaper rash situation, it is getting under control. The day that it showed up she was sore all over, bloody and just in pure pain. We were all miserable. She cried through all diaper changes and we were so upset during them as a result (Jason had a hard time finishing them, he felt so terrible because she was hurting). I posted on Facebook for some advice and got a ton of suggestions, some we knew of and others we didn't. We didn't get anything right away and that night we loaded her up with corn starch before bed. We intended to get some new things to try the next day but when we woke up she was no longer bleeding and it looked like a normal diaper rash. So, things are much better and we are now able to treat it as any plain ol' diaper rash. What a relief!

We did soak her bum this afternoon, to help make it feel a little better (that was one of the suggestions we recieved). We put her in the "deep end" of her bath center (this was the first time we have done this):

She really loves her monkey. She wouldn't let him go when it was time to get out:

And the last bit of was my very last, first day of school! If and when graduate school will be a possibility is unknown to me, therefore, I am looking at today as my last, first day of school. Only 16 weeks to go!

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