Monday, July 20, 2009

Target Trips

The past few weeks I have been making a run to Target on Mondays because that is when she starts to run low on formula. We run there, literally. It is between 1 and 2 miles away (the neighbor thinks it is about a mile and a half and I know it is more than a mile, but I am not sure exactly how far). Today I got a little carried away...and ended up having to walk home because I bought so much. I had a case of diapers resting on the canopy of the stroller, the basket was full and I even stuck a few things in with Amelia. I like running or walking there. Amelia and I get some fresh air and exercise is always good.

However, I do not like Target employees basically following me around and getting asked every other minute if I need help finding anything (our Target is not known for their helpful employees, it is a recent development that I get offered assistance). I can only figure it is because I am walking around the store with the stroller, which I guess to some could be suspicious. I don't like it though, because I make sure to NOT put anything in the stroller basket because I don't want them to think I am trying to shoplift. Oh well. Some of them are getting used to seeing me on Monday, so hopefully they eventually realize I have no tricks up my sleeve and I can shop without feeling like I'm being watched.

Here are some pictures from our day:

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