Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Clothes :)

I have finally accepted it, it is time for new clothes... My post-baby body is shaped differently than pre-baby and that is ok. The pregnancy weight is almost off (I think, we don't have a scale, so I can't be sure) so I figure I am safe buying some things now. I found 7 new shirts at Kohl's and there was a sale, plus I got another discount for using my Kohl's card. I really like what I found and like that I have some clothes that fit correctly again.

Here are some pictures of Amelia from this afternoon:

She had something very serious to tell her puppy:

Some close-ups:

Amelia and I had a visitor this afternoon, Sarah. She came over and we spent the afternoon hanging around here and then we went to dinner before she left to go meet another friend for coffee. It has been nice to be able to hang out with friends the past couple of days. I was hoping to make it to the Oriental (work) this evening to watch Away We Go, maybe this weekend.

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