Friday, July 24, 2009

Oak Leaf Trail

My parents arrived today and will be here a week. With them around and staying with us, I have an opportunity to work a couple extra shifts, so that will be nice!

Amelia and I have been enjoying our new running route. We run on the Oak Leaf Trail which is 108 miles of paved trail that goes all around Milwaukee county. I mostly ran around the residential areas here in Bay View and didn't like it all that mch because the sidewalk isn't too smooth most of the time. On a walk with a friend last week I discovered this southern portion of the OLT and have been running it since. I ran on the OLT when I lived on the East Side but didn't ever think to run on it here in Bay View.

Here is a view of what I see while on my run:

Can't complain about this! It is almost like we are not in the city anymore :)

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