Friday, July 03, 2009


Tonight were the Milwaukee fireworks. We are fortunate enough to live in an area that we can walk a few blocks to the lake/marina area and have a nice view of downtown and the fireworks and it is not super crowded! We are a good distance from where they are actually shot off, so the parks down in our area have a smaller crowd (unlike the 'crazies' that wait all night and day in there "spot" to watch the fireworks front row).

After a bit we decided to take Amelia out of her stroller because she was getting fussy. I made Jason wear the bug net when he was holding her:

He was not a fan of we decided to use some repellent on her. The doctor said not to because her skin is more sensitive to the chemicals etc. We use an all natural repellent called Badger Balm and there are no chemicals (such as DEET) in it so we decided that a small amount would be ok.

Here is me and Amelia at the fireworks:

(yes, she is wearing snowflake pajamas...)

Tomorrow morning I leave for Indiana, with Amelia, for my grandma's 4th of July party. Jason is all on his own. It sounds like his work will be pretty crazy, so he will probably be glad to come home after work and relax (without me telling him all the things I want to get done the next morning...).

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