Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday with the Brewers

Today was my 24th birthday. I got some great gifts, including a new point-and-shoot Canon (my Olympus is 5 years old and in rough shape, hence, the reason we use the Canon SLR all the time lately), some new SVU seasons and a Prince Fielder jersey from Jason.

After going to school and taking a mid-term we had lunch and went to the Brewers game against the Washington Nationals. It was my sister, Jason and Amelia's first time at Miller Park. We had the highest seats possible...and I mean the HIGHEST. It was nice though. Where we were we had a bank of seats all our own (6 seats) and there was even a spot where we could keep all the baby things etc. It was a bit hot up there, but all in all the location was perfect for us!

Here are some pictures from our night at Miller Park:

Amelia was out by the 6th inning...

But she was woke up in time for the sausage race...

(for those of you who have been to a Brewer's game, this is a crowd favorite...Hot Dog won tonight)

Amelia woke up on our way out of the stadium...

The Brewers lost, horribly. I am not sure on the final score (we left in the 8th) but it was bad. The Nationals got 2 grand the same guy, what are the odds? It was just not a good night for the Brewers :(

(there is a lack of pictures of my parents because they sat a few rows away, where there was a nice draft. The stadium was REALLY hot tonight!)

This morning Amelia has more rice cereal and it went over better this time. Sometimes she even helped me with the spoon:

Hopefully everyone had a great start to their week!

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the misses of the blisses said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!