Monday, July 06, 2009

Relaxing Afternoon

We had to stop by the doctor's office this afternoon so Amelia could get her HIB vaccination that they were out of last week. She did not like it, as usual. This time however though, she got the shot, screamed, I picked her up and she started smiling at the nurse... We all got a kick out of it.

Today Amelia has been "buzzing" her lips NON-STOP. Our camera that records video is dead right now, so I wasn't able to catch any of it to post. I am going to get the battery charging tonight so I can maybe get some of it on tape later this week.

This afternoon I gave Amelia her bath and we had a good time just hanging around the house. My back has been very sore since last night, every time I bend I feel a sharp pain go through my lower back, so I enjoyed that Amelia was content playing on the floor with me and a few toys.

Here she is talking to her (new) fairy [I had to get her a new one last night because over the course of the weekend hers went missing and she LOVES it, so I had to get her a new one]:

Lamaze toys were on sale over the weekend, so I got her the giraffe as well. She really enjoys Lamaze toys, I think it is because of all the bright colors and patterns on them.

Amelia has been noticing more and more of the world around her the past month. I like it when she notices her toy basket. She always gets this look on her face like, "how come my friends aren't ALL down here on the ground with me!" Other times when she sees a cat her face lights up, she gets excited and starts talking a bunch. The cats generally walk away once she starts talking. She is pretty loud sometimes :) Even Lucky walks away from her lately. They all seemed to like her more when she was a quiet little lump laying around. Now that she is rolling around and belting out songs left and right they seem almost annoyed with her :)

Here is a funny picture of her from today. She is sucking on her tongue:

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