Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little Maestro

Yesterday Amelia got her first taste of making music (unless you count banging her paci on things). Jason hooked his keyboard up to his computer and when I left for work the two of them were playing together:

(Laura, perhaps Amelia and J will have to "jam" sometime, when you are back in the states)

Amelia was also kind enough to take a short nap, just enough time for Jason and I to eat some breakfast before I left for work:

Last night we went and saw Moon. It was really messed up but really good! We sat in the balcony at work and put Amelia next to the wall up there, so a lot of the sound was blocked. Overall it wasn't that noisy of a movie though, some crashes, but not like Public Enemies was... We try not to take her to too many movies, once in awhile we like to take advantage of free movies though and she sleeps through them. We also want to see Away We Go, and probably will next week. After that, we'll take a break on movies for a few weeks!

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the misses of the blisses said...

we would love to jam with you! J can play a little trumpet now too! :)