Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo!

Today we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Our Brewer tickets last night came with free zoo passes (terrace level tickets recieved a free zoo pass good til the end of the year). As we expected, Amelia liked the fish the best (she also liked the fish at Discovery World). She giggled/smiled at a few other animals as well, but the fish captivated her.

We realized when we got there that she didn't have a hat (we thought there was one in the car, but then didn't see it in there) so we ended up getting her one there. Jason went to go get it, without Amelia to model it, and this is what we ended up with:

(it didn't fit too well, good thing it was clearance and didn't cost too much!)

This is Amelia looking at fish; the flash was on, so you can't actually see the fish, but you can see her fascination:

Here are some of the other animals we saw today:

The Milwaukee County Zoo is one of only 12 zoos worldwide to have an American moose exhibit:

Here are Amelia and Jason as giraffes:

Here is picture of Amelia on our way out of the zoo, with her new toys:

We wanted to get her a fish toy, since they are her favorite, but oddly enough we could not find a fish toy in two different gift shops! I bet there was one somewhere in that zoo, but we didn't find it.

My parents are at the Oriental now, watching Public Enemies so Jason and I going to use this time to (hopefully) pick up around here. We have been so busy, in and out, all weekend that the house is starting to show it!

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