Thursday, June 18, 2009

More New Toys

This afternoon Amelia tried out the new toys she got for being such a good girl when she got her ears pierced. She got a ball, with another ball inside it, by Baby Einstein and "Pop Links" from her Nana. Mom got her a glo-seahorse, but we didn't play with that today. Here are a few pictures:

It looks like she is about to ram her cow into her ball here!

It is time for bed now. I decided to post on here before bed, even though it is about 3 a.m., because I needed something non-Vietnam before going to sleep. Today I managed to read most of a 350 page book (Catfish and Mandala), write a 5 page paper on it and somewhat go through a study guide for the final, which is in 6 hours, on top of the day's normal activities! I needed something to shift past Vietnam and get ready for bed.

A final picture:

The flash was going a bit crazy this evening, trying to focus in on things, and Amelia did not want to see it anymore it seems!

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