Thursday, June 11, 2009

busy, busy, busy

As usual, things around here are busy as can be! I have one week left of my first summer school class! I didn't get a chance to blog last night because I was scrambling to write a paper on the My Lai Massacre to turn in this morning... I am looking forward to the remainder of summer school (after this class) because the class I am in lasts 8 weeks, so I only have to go twice a week (vs. 4 times, 4 days a week).

Last night Amelia and I stopped by the Oriental to view part of the screenings for the 48 Hour Film Project. Two of my friends/co-workers worked on one of the films entered, so we went to see it! Luckily their film was second, so we got to leave before the end and Amelia didn't get to bed too late. She behaved very well. We sat up in the balcony and I put her on my lap and she didn't make a single noise!

Amelia's eczema is getting under control. We have 2.5% hydrocortisone that we use on it, once a day usually. We also use a "moisture stick", made by Gerber, that we use frequently. If we slack on using these things her cheeks break out:

Yesterday, when I took this picture, was a better day. her cheeks weren't as red as they sometimes get. You get the idea though I suppose!

When me and Amelia are out and about on our own I have started putting her in a sling. Her in her carseat is too much work for me to lug around, she is a BIG girl! Another plus is that I don't have to try and see around her carseat when I am pushing the cart (when her seat is sitting in the stroller seat, it is inches taller than me, which makes pushing the cart problematic).

My parents get here tomorrow and are staying for the weekend. It will be nice to have some company around for when Jason is at work and Amelia is asleep :)

My most recent observations about tummytime are that she doesn't mind it so much when her front half is propped up:

Amelia's new thing is sucking...on nothing. She did it this evening in front of our neighbor, Ellen, who compared it to someone sucking on a piece of candy (way better description than I have come up with). Here are a couple of pictures of her, sucking:

And lastly, a picture of Ludo. There has been a lack of Ludo pictures/updates on here lately (my mom pointed this out). He is the only cat that really stays out of trouble, therefore, there is usually nothing to report on him! Here he is tonight, stretching:

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